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2023 Clio Award Winner

Wednesday "Nero" Teaser - Gold

Sweet Tooth Season 2 "Hope" Teaser - Bronze

2022 Clio Award Winner

The Woman King "Power" Trailer (Silver) X4

Wednesday "Nero" Teaser (Bronze) X2

Stranger Things 4 "Creel house" Teaser (Gold,Bronze X2)

Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness "Dream" TV Spot (Bronze)

2021 2x Clio Award Winner

Knives Out “Dial K for Knives” Trailer (Gold, Bronze)

2019 Clio Key Art Award Winner

 Godzilla: King of the Monsters: “Rumble” Trailer (Silver)

2018 Clio Key Art Award Winner

Castle Rock “Deaver” Trailer (Silver)

White Boy Rick “Love” Trailer (Bronze)

2017 Clio Key Art Award Winner

Baby Driver “Baby” Trailer (Silver)

Baby Driver “TeKillYah” Trailer (Silver)

Dunkirk “Running Out” TV Spot (Bronze)

Doctor Strange “Time”  TV Spot (Silver)

Baby Driver Trailer Campaign (Silver)

Baby Driver Mixed Campaign (Silver)

Doctor Strange TV Campaign (Silver)

2016 Clio Key Art Award Winner

Jungle Book Super Bowl "Relax" TV Spot (Bronze)

2014 Key Art Award Winner

The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes "Defiance" Trailer (Bronze)


2023 Golden Trailer Award Winner
Wednesday “Nero”

Best Fantasy/Adventure Streaming Trailer

2023 3x Golden Trailer Award Nominee

The Woman King "Power"

2020 2x Golden Trailer Award Nominee

Wolfwalkers “Hope”

2019 Golden Trailer Award Nominee

White Boy Rick “Love”

Castle Rock “Deaver”

2018 2x Golden Trailer Award Winner 

Baby Driver Trailer “TeKillYah”

2017 Golden Trailer Award Winner

Doctor Strange TV spot "Flip It"

2016 Golden Trailer Award Winner

Captain America: Civil War Trailer: "Vigilante"

2013 Golden Trailer nominee

"Week 14"

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